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you gotta be cool relax...crazy little thing called love -Queen

Will + Sarah=Yay!
fun fun for everyone

Now the only thing is about this Kevin character is that he is like 30. Oh well. He is skinny at least. Tyler just dropped me off. I let him come upstairs to see my Drew walls 1st tho. He's such a sweetie. He payed for my coffee + bought me a pack of Marbs. I was supposed to see Will tonight but some shit was goin down with his roomates so he had to bail. No prob tho. I will see him tomorrow. Can't wait. He's so rad. I want to go to sleep but I have so much caffine in me I'm not sure it's possible at this point.

(Insert small pic of Marilyn Manson)

Isn't that a cool pic of Manson? Yes I am kinda a closet Manson fan. But more a fan of his looks, attitude and philosophies than his music. Although some of it isn't too bad. I have training at Blockbuster tomorrow. Woo hoo. Well...I am gonna try to get some sleep. Nighty Night

P.S. Shaun wanted me to come over tonight to take a shower with him. He he. O well I had a nice time w/ Tyler tonight. Shaun will get his shower eventually. Unless Will just sweeps me off my feet. Late.
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