crazyslut (oldjournals) wrote,

Written by Brenden Silbaugh (it's a joke)

Dear dildo diary,

Diary, what am I to do. I went into the bathroom today and I didn't realize my brother Tim was in there! When I walked in he was standing on the sink and watching himself masturbate in the mirror! He didn't notice me at first, but then he turned and looked at me with a frightened face and proceeded to blow his load all over my favorite butterfly tee-shirt. Strangely, though I was attracted to this. But my inner desires to have sex with Tim were overshadowed by the fact that his "manhood" came up short. Oh dildo diary, what am I to do. I want to fuck him but I know his little love wand won't satisfy my cravings. I am going to sleep to think things over. I'll write tomorrow.

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